May 232012

If you are having problems with breeding the ultra rare gem dragon, Emerald Dragon for your DragonVale Park then you are not the only one. Luckily we have great news for DragonVale players and how they can increase their chance in breeding this ultra rare emerald dragon before she disappears at the end of month in May.

By now you probably have heard that you can breed the emerald dragon using a Crystal Dragon and an Lichen Dragon in your DragonVale park. Yeah, we know, you all know that. But did you know that you can increase your chance by swapping your Crystal Dragon with a Quake Dragon if the original combination for breeding the emerald dragon does not work for you? Well you can!

If you cannot breed the Emerald Dragon Try this – Exclusive Guide

What you want to do is breed the Crystal dragon and the lichen dragon in your DragonVale park then if you have not been successful after so many attempts, it’s time to change dragons. As a result what you want to do is use the Quake dragon and the Lichen Dragon then breed them together for a chance to breed the 31 hours emerald dragon egg.

Continue to do this process and you will surely get to breed the great emerald dragon for your DragonVale park!

DragonVale Gemstone Dragons Update 1.8.0


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  47 Responses to “Can’t Breed the Emerald Dragon? Try This!”

  1. Help pls i need gems :( add me Balrog15 pls, i can’t breed anything

  2. WTF I can’t breed the thing

  3. Add me I’m lukster6425

  4. I’m lukster2564

  5. I need a lot of gems and need help breeding the emerald dragon

  6. Lv20 crystal and lv20 lychen on upgraded ebi and iget six hours on first 10 trys then i get emerald emerald emerald etc… My gemstone island has now 11 emerald and 1 diamond and ive sold 12 emerald i got those 12 i sold with blazing and swamp when trying to get gold

  7. Crystal & Lichen gave me a Sun Dragon..

  8. I’ve tried endless amounts of times to get an emerald dragon with
    The crystal and lichen should I switch up my crystal dragon with quake dragon?? Does it actually work??

  9. Ok someone please HELP! I’ve tried at least 40 to 50 times to try n get the emerald dragon
    And cannot get it I’ve hittin two rainbows and a sun like WTF!!!!!

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