May 162012

Are you ready to breed the Gem Dragons for your DragonVale island? Well we hope you are! The Gem Dragons have hit the news as DragonVale players are looking to find how to breed the gem dragons. What are the gem dragons? Well let us tell you that the gem dragons are an entirely new element of dragons that have the abilities to earn you coins through their habitat.

DragonVale Gemstone Dragons Update 1.8.0

Yes! You’ve heard correctly, the gem dragons have the abilities to earn you precise gems from DragonVale just like the normal coins you see in your island today.

So how will it work?

It is believed that the dragons will go into the special habitat named Gemstone Island. Which is an island habitat for rare and special gem dragons. Once you have obtained a rare gem dragon and placed it into the gemstone island, it will start calculating gems at a very slow pace. Once they have filled up their gemstone habitat you will be able to collect these valuable gems for your DragonVale park!

So how to breed the gem dragons?

Breeding the gem dragons for DragonVale won’t be easy. They are one of the most rare dragons in DragonVale and definitely worth your time. The gem dragons are not released yet but this is a sneak preview to the ultimate gem dragons that will be released in DragonVale Update 1.8.0. Keep in mind that the Gem Dragons are an entirely new element like the Moon/Sun Dragons. One important point to remember is that the Gem Dragons will NOT be able to breed with any other dragons on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

However, you may buy the Gem Dragons with Gems in the market with the buying price for the Gem Dragons when they become available. Don’t forget to cast votes for the gem dragons and let us know what you think about this article for you video game players!


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  1. I just bought amber I got gems by 55432801

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