Mar 032012

Clover DragonA little while ago, DragonVale players got a taste of the Leap Year Dragon but today the Clover Dragon has been released! This dragon symbolizes luck and wealth. Being able to breed this lovely dragon means you are in great luck and that surely anything you do will be blessed with the best of luck from the Clover Dragon.

This clover dragon is green and made entirely out of flowers blooming from different parts of her body. You will see that the tail of the clover dragon also has purple flowers, and that she looks very similar to the flower dragon.

The mischievous and reclusive clover dragon can be found roaming the meadows of Ulster during a certain time of the year. Should you be lucky enough to have a clover dragon it is sure to make other park owners green with envy! These dragons delight at playing tricks on others and have been known to, um, “hide” things. Maybe it’s best if your guests check their pockets before they leave.

Habitat: Plant, Earth
Incubation Time: 7 hours
Buying Price:     77
Selling Price:     7777
Hatch:     7777


Clover Dragon Breeding Help
To breed a Clover Dragon simply use an Moss Dragon and a Earth Dragon. Alternative combinations include Moss Dragon and Flower Dragon, Moss Dragon and Tree Dragon.


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  4 Responses to “Clover Dragon”

  1. I’ve tried using moss and earth at least 10x now and I still have not been able to get a Clover. Please help!

  2. I've tried every combination several times and still cant get this %^&* thing!

  3. now I know how to breed it.

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