Apr 142012

DragonVale Players today can expect to see two brand new dragons in their DragonVale park! They are the Steel Dragon and the Dodo Dragon. These two dragons were just recently released and has sure caused a stir for pro DragonVale fans. We will here discuss how you can breed the dodo dragon and the steel dragon and everything you need to know about the dodo and steel dragons.

Steel Dragoon:

DragonVale - Steel Dragon

The Steel Dragon is a steel and cold elemental dragon that many breeders due to his cool blue looks and attitude. The Steel dragon can be bred when you reach level 17 and have access to the metal set of dragons. You can breed together the metal dragon and the cold dragon for a chance to get the steel dragon. The breeding time for the steel dragon is 14 hours and it will take another 14 hours for the steel dragon to hatch from his egg.

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Dodo Dragon:

DragonVale Dodo Dragon

Do you want to breed the secret dodo dragon? This incredibly secret dodo dragon is one of the rarest dragon of all. If you know how rare the sandstorm dragon is then this dodo dragon is much more difficult than the normal sandstorm. This earth and air creature is the exact opposite of the sandstorm dragon even though they share the same element their physical appearance are very different.

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  1. I got dodo earth left and blazing right.

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