DragonVale: Dragon Track

“After observing numerous dragons racing one another in the wild, the wizards thought that it would be fun to bring the races to your park. Behold the Dragon Track! Help your dragons win races to earn generous rewards. The Colosseum may be where champions are made, but the Dragon Track is sure to have visitors flocking to your park in droves!” - DragonVale: Dragon Track Description

 DragonVale Dragon Track DVAPP
Buying Price: 225,000
Selling Price: 125,000
Level Requirement: 15

How to play Dragon Track race

To play the Dragon Track game you must build the track in your DragonVale park. Once you do you can begin to play the game by selecting a dragon at a cost. This will allow your dragons to race against other dragons where you are to tap on the screen once it gets to the line at the bottom.

If you rank in first, second or third place you will earn precious gems to help your DragonVale park grow!


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