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Breeding in DragonVale is ultimately up to probability, this means the chance of breeding a dragon is ultimately random. Just because others have been successful on the first attempt does not mean that it will work for you. Some players may find themselves breeding for days or even months if luck hasn’t been helping you.

Players should never rely on Breeding Calculator percentage as a way to identify what will work for them. If you find yourself as one of the unsuccessful individuals in breeding a certain dragon then you need to attempt at breeding another dragon then return to the previous one.

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Please keep in mind that these are the most recommended combinations.

Newest Dragon

  1. Bronze Dragon
  2. Amber Dragon
  3. Forest Dragon
  4. Pepper Dragon
  5. Ouroboros Dragon
  6. Electrum Dragon
  7. Liberty Dragon
  8. Summer Dragon 
  9. Bearded Dragon 
  10. Double Rainbow Dragon
  11. Jade Dragon
  12. Bouquet Dragon
  13. Salamander Dragon
  14. Coral Dragon
  15. Terradiem Dragon
  16. Meteor Dragon
  17. Diamond Dragon
  18. Motley Dragon
  19. Spring Dragon
  20. Celtic Dragon
  21. Aquamarine Dragon
  22. River Dragon
  23. Thunder Dragon
  24. Rose Dragon
  25. Blizzard Dragon
  26. Century Dragon
  27. Amethyst Dragon
  28. Cyclops Dragon
  29. Hail Dragon
  30. Garnet Dragon
Dragon 1* + Dragon 2* = Possible Results Egg/Breed Time
 Water Dragon Blazing Dragon  Equinox Dragon  24
Poison Dragon Mountain Dragon Paper Dragon  12
 Lightning Dragon + Cold Dragon  Blue Moon Dragon 30 Hours
 Mountain Dragon Rain Dragon  Sapphire Dragon  30 hours
 Cold Dragon Metal Dragon  Silver Dragon 47 Hours
 Plant Dragon Chrome Dragon  Ironwood Dragon  12 hours
 Water Dragon Air Dragon  Rain Dragon  8 hours
 Crystal Dragon Cactus Dragon  Peridot Dragon 31 Hours
 Blazing Dragon Crystal Dragon  Gold Olympus Dragon  35 Hours
  Blazing Dragon  Crystal Dragon  Silver Olympus Dragon  35 Hours
  Blazing Dragon  Crystal Dragon  Bronze Olympus Dragon  35 Hours
 Fire Dragon Metal Dragon  Gold Dragon 48 Hours
 Scorch Dragon Chrome Dragon  Ruby Dragon  31 Hours
 Air Dragon Blazing/Fire Dragon  Firework Dragon 6 Hours
 Cold Dragon Plant Dragon  Evergreen Dragon  10 Hours
 Blazing Dragon Earth Dragon  Solstice Dragon  23.5 hours
Water Dragon Metal Dragon  Quicksilver Dragon  18 hours
Fire Dragon metal Dragon  Forge Dragon  24 hours
Seaweed Dragon  Snow Dragon  Pearl Dragon  30 Hours

Metal Dragon Lightning Dragon Copper Dragon  20 hours
Lichen Dragon Crystal Dragon Emerald Dragon  31 Hours
Air Dragon Firefly Butterfly Dragon  12 Hours
Seaweed Dragon Lightning Dragon Plasma Dragon  16 Hours
Water Dragon Firefly Dragon Current Dragon  16 Hours
 Earth Dragon Flower Dragon  Sakura Dragon  10 Hours
 Willow Dragon Earth Dragon  Dodo Dragon  16 Hours
 Mountain Dragon Metal Dragon  Steel Dragon  14 Hours
 Storm Dragon Plant Dragon  Bloom Dragon  13 Hours

Many guides were submitted to be the best breeding guide on DragonVale App but we found that this guide is t he best for DragonVale players. Thank you WBANGCA for the submission and being the winner! He has included that you visit his Gameteep and YouTube pages if you need help, find him at www.YouTube.com/WBANGCA or www.Gameteep.com/WBANGCA

If you feel that you have a guide that should be ranked top on DragonVale App please send us a copy for review.

This guide is the property of DragonValeApp.com, any unauthorized reproduction will result in copyright infringement.

 Do you have a better guide? Want to win our breeding guide slot? Submit your guide to sendto@dragonvaleapp.com!

Basic Information:

The following dragon combinations are the best and most effective way of getting these dragons. While there are other ways to get them, these methods should yield faster results based on the number of hours it takes the other potential dragons you can get by using same combinations.


Efficiency – the best possible way to breed. It does not mean it will work for you yet is a calculation of hours or dragon elements. Please do not confuse yourself with god (The Dragonvale Company)

Breeding - combining two dragons with same or different elements to create a new dragon


  • Even if you have the correct combination of dragon elements your outcome is still ultimately random. This guide was made for the purpose of helping you understand what is the best possible way to get each dragon through breeding – and which combinations are possible.
  • When you breed two dragons the one you put on the left or right side does not matter.  The outcome will be random based on the elements of the two dragons you choose to breed. Please do not waste your time on this, your odds will not improve.
  • The number of friends, dragons, decorations, buildings, or habitats you have will not effect your outcome. Do not listen to random claims that say otherwise because they are false and a waste of time.
  • The level of the dragons does not matter.
  • The Rainbow dragon is created by combining 2 dragons each with 2 different elements.  There should be 4 different elements between your two dragons if you want a chance to breed a rainbow.

Time sensitive information:
  • These were all tested in the EST Time zone, but I am 100% certain that the time zone or time of day makes no difference to which dragon you will get.  The two possible exceptions to this are the moon and sun dragons.
  • The Sun dragon seems to successfully breed more often during the daytime EST and the Moon dragon seems to successfully breed more often during the nighttime EST.  The times may be dependent on just the EST timezone, or it could be dependent your own timezone set on your device.  We are still trying to figure out specifics on the times of these two dragons.
*Note: Remember your odds of getting a dragon are random, the order doesn’t matter.  If you don’t get one you want the first time, just try again.  It may take a few tries, but eventually you should get the dragon you want.
Dragon 1* + Dragon 2* = Possible Results Egg/Breed Time Editor’s Notes
Fire Dragon Earth Dragon Lava Dragon
Fire Dragon Earth Dragon Bone Dragon 10 Hours Only on Helloween Update
Fire Dragon Plant Dragon Flower Dragon 1 Hour
 Plant Dragon Fire Dragon Poison Dragon 30 Minutes
 Earth Dragon Plant Dragon  Moss Dragon  12 Hours 
 Plant Dragon Earth Dragon  Tree Dragon  14 Hours 
 Lightning Dragon Fire Dragon  Firefly Dragon  3 Hours 
 Cold Dragon  Earth Dragon Mountain Dragon 14 Hours 
 Lightning Dragon  Earth Dragon Quake Dragon  6 Hours 
 Cold Dragon Lightning Dragon   Storm Dragon 5 Hours 
 Fire Dragon Water Dragon  Air Dragon  2 Hours 
 Cold Dragon Water Dragon  Ice Dragon  8 Hours 
 Plant Dragon Water Dragon  Swamp Dragon  9 Hours 
 Air Dragon Plant Dragon  Willow Dragon  8 Hours 
 Earth Dragon Water Dragon  Mud Dragon  6 Hours 
 Lightning Dragon  Air Dragon  Sonic Dragon  8 Hours
 Plant Dragon Water Dragon  Seaweed Dragon  5 Hours 
 Earth Dragon Lightning Dragon  Crystal Dragon   24 Hours
 Cold Dragon Air Dragon  Snow Dragon  8 Hours 
 Fire Dragon Air Dragon  Blazing Dragon  8 Hours 
 Air Dragon Water Dragon  Fog Dragon  8 Hours 
  Fire Dragon Storm Dragon  Blue Fire Dragon   12 Hours
 Fire Dragon Lightning Dragon  Scorch dragon  3 Hours 
 Mud Dragon Air Dragon  Sandstorm Dragon  2 Hours 
Firefly Dragon + Seaweed Dragon + Rainbow Dragon  48 Hours Egg
 Fire Dragon  Storm Dragon  Moon Dragon  48 Hours Egg
 Fire Dragon +  Storm Dragon  =  Sun Dragon  48 Hours egg
 Scorch Dragon  Cold Dragon  Frostfire Dragon  12 Hours Egg

12 Hours
 Scorch Dragon  Cold Dragon  Frostfire Dragon 12 Hours Egg
 Cold Dragon  Water Dragon  Iceberg Dragon  8 Hours Egg
Fog Dragon Lava Dragon Panlong Dragon 36 Hours Egg

Blazing Dragon Mud Dragon Panlong Dragon 36 Hours Egg

Lightning Dragon Flower Dragon = Love Dragon 5 Hours Egg
Seaweed + Firefly Dragon = Leap Year Dragon 14.5 hours
 Seaweed Dragon  Cold Dragon  Reindeer
Moss Dragon + Tree Dragon = Clover Dragon 7 hours
*Sun and Moon Dragon are based on the time you set on your iPhone
*The time exchange for a Moon and Sun dragon is at 7AM/PM. Meaning if you breed from 7AM to 6:59PM you will get sun. If you breed from 7:00PM to 6:59AM you will get moon.
*To ensure successful breeding of Moon Dragon or Sun Dragon in Dragonvale please set your clock to 12hours with AM/PM not 24 hours.


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    How do I add friends to my DragonVale park? And/Or I am getting a “content has been reported as abusive” message when trying to add my Facebook friends. Why?

    If you are getting this message, it is likely you are “inviting” friends, not adding them. In order to add friends to your DragonVale park, your friends will need to be added through Facebook.

    Each player must have DragonVale installed on their device.
    You must be friends with each other through Facebook.
    Each player must be logged into their Facebook account through the options menu in DragonVale to show up on each other’s friends list.

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  24. Im new to this game but I have a combo breeding and the incubation time is 60 hours….I looked at all the times of each dragon and it only matches times with the double headed rainbow….am I going to get that one? I still have a day and a half to wait lol and my 10 year old is going crazy with curiosity….he picked the combo….obsidion and lichen

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