DragonVale Eggs Chart


All DragonVale eggs chart available here!

The image below displays all the DragonVale Eggs available up to Jan. 9 2012. Updates will be available as eggs are found in DragonVale! Don’t forget to comment and let others know how many DragonVale Eggs are available in the game!


DragonVale Egg Chart

DragonVale Egg Chart


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  81 Responses to “DragonVale Eggs Chart”

  1. Lighting+Cold=Storm

  2. Cold+Earth=Mountain

  3. Mud+Blazing=Rainbow

  4. What egg is a yellow gold colour with red flames?

  5. Does anyone know what the red white and blue egg is. It take six hours to incubate. Can’t remember which two dragons breed. I think mud and blazing, not sure

  6. Do u guys want to win prizes on dragon vale well for the people that do if u have a dragon race track u can use your dragons to win the dragons that win the most prizes are the TREE DRAGON AND THE STORM DRAGONS those are the most winning dragons freind me and my email is bisquitbones@gmail.com

  7. Friend me deasel13

  8. I found this weird egg. I don't know how to describe it, but it kind of looks like a puddle of oil. I've been looking or a pic of it, but I can't find one!

  9. Does any one know how to get the frost fire??

  10. I’ve got this yellow egg with red flames on. It has a 3 hour incubation time. Any ideas on what it is.

  11. How do you breed the air dragon or do you have to buy it

  12. Does anyone know what poison and storm make

  13. What I said a long time ago was lame what really works is jailbreaking your I device then get iap cracker them you can make inapp purchases for FREE!!

  14. Dose anyone know what a red checkered egg is????!

  15. Is the Motley Dragon considered a limited edition Dragon? If you have dragon egg in your Hatchery at the time of experation will you still receive that Dragon?

  16. How do you breed to get an Obsidian egg? I try but I always get lava

  17. How do you get a legendary?

  18. How do you get glacier? I try but I get mountain

  19. How do you breed to get a bone Dragon?

  20. I have an egg that is not on the chart. It's brown with white snowflakes. What is it?

  21. It. Is the glacier dragon.

  22. ive breed crystal and lichen dragon but not emerald dragon is the result.ive got a kairos dragon…is that rare

  23. I've got a gold egg, what type of dragon with that's egg???…

  24. Erin Levier I've got one, leap year dragon…

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