Jul 252012

The new update 1.9 for DragonVale has now been released and gone official. This DragonVale update 1.9 is not a tiny update at all. It includes a brand new mini game that will amaze players around the world as they are now able to race against multiple dragons in their DragonVale park.

This Dragon Track race mini-game added in DragonVale update 1.9 also allows players to receive precious gems for their winnings! So all the more and easier to gain gems always make DragonVale better.

How to play Dragon Track race

To play the Dragon Track game you must build the track in your DragonVale park. Once you do you can begin to play the game by selecting a dragon at a cost. This will allow your dragons to race against other dragons where you are to tap on the screen once it gets to the line at the bottom.

If you rank in first, second or third place you will earn precious gems to help your DragonVale park grow!

DragonVale Dragon Track DVAPP

What’s New in Version 1.9

★ Dragon Races! You can now enter your dragons into races against other dragons and win prizes.
★ New Island and another habitat at level 14.
★ Added an FAQ button to the options menu.

Bug fixes


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  1. haha lol ive already found a way to get what i want from wheel each time!!

  2. How? I can win race but get what it gives me

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