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DragonVale friends are one of the most important social tool in this game. The more friends you have sending you daily gifts the more gems you get per day. Do not let other websites tell you otherwise. Never give out your e-mail address and always use your game center username when giving out friend codes.

Why be safe with your email?

Some DragonVale sites ask you to enter your e-mail to get gems but this is not true. It is used to maybe access your Game Center account! Yes, your Game Center account is directly connected with your e-mail.

They might sell your e-mail, and in exchange you get lots of spam.

Simply put, you do not need to let any one know your e-mail to receive gems so do not fall for these scams. In this page you can freely exchange Game Center IDs with one another. Bare in mind, adding someone does not mean they will give you gems. You need to first connect with the person and actually let them know you are looking to exchange gems.

Be safe and keep on DragonVale’in


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  1. 30598417

  2. 55600601 this code gives you 25 gems

  3. My code is 5654307 plz add.

  4. Redeem for infinity gems 95627561

  5. Please add: Zzzzzack
    Need five more friends :D

  6. I love dragonvale

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