Dec 232012

Gift Dragon is upon us! We need to band together and breed one of these amazing Gift Dragon for DragonVale!

“These crafty creatures snuck into the bag of holding of the magical toymaker Sandakloz. As he was traveling from park to park, the magic of the bag of holding mixed with the magic of the portals and now a gift dragon is avaiable for everyone! For some reason, the energy of these special dragons only alllows for one to exist in any park at any given time. Happy Holidays from the Wizards!”

 Gift Dragon

Buying Price: 0 Gems
Selling Price: 0 Coin
Level requirement: 0
Habitat: Lightning, Plant, Fire
Incubation Time:

Gift Dragon breeding guide

You cannot breed this dragon. It was free for the Christmas Holidays from the developers. You are only limited to one of these dragons for your game.

If you are reading this and don’t see the Gift Dragon then the event or dragon is no longer available in the market or for breeding. Please wait till next time on DragonVale!

Gift Dragon Chart

Level 1  10
Level 2  19
Level 3  26
Level 4  34
Level 5  41
Level 6  48
Level 7  56
Level 8  63
Level 9  70
Level 10  77


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  One Response to “Gift Dragon”

  1. This information is not entirely true. After December 25 the Gift dragon is available for breeding.

    (New) Info:
    “These crafty creatures snuck into the bag of holding of the magical toymaker Sandakloz. After being studied over the holidays, the wizards have found a way to counteract the singularity magic that prevented more than one existing in the same place at the same time. Clever wizards.”

    Incubation time: 12 hours 25 minutes
    Buying price: 250 gems
    Selling price: 120,250 coin

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