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The Peridot Dragon has just been released into DragonVale and players are looking forward to how to breeding it and it definitely isn’t a difficult task if you know the breeding combination. With the release of the Peridot Dragon picture you can see that this new DragonVale gem generating dragon is green in color with an beast attitude and looks.

You will notice that it has multiple precise gemstones above its head in its baby stage, and some on its tail. Some people may even say that its sharp nails are made out of Peridot Gemstone. Regardless, what the case the Peridot Dragon is an amazing dragon for those players born in August and is the representative of your birthstone.

How to breed Peridot Dragon

To breed a Peridot Dragon, you must know that this dragon will be available to players for the entire month of August so don’t worry about not being able to breed it. If you are a player that plays every minute, hours, or day then the possibly of breeding the Peridot Dragon are high. However, if you play once a week then the Peridot Dragon is solely based on your luck.

If you want to breed the Peridot Dragon you must use a very special combination which are the crystal dragon and the cactus dragon which will give you the breeding time of the Peridot Dragon. Once you have successfully found this breeding time you will know that its breeding in your island. You will then get its egg and after it hatches you can place the Peridot Dragon into your Gemstone Island.

Keep in mind breeding left or right of the Peridot Dragon does not matter and the level of your dragon also does not matter. The chances are higher in the breeding island.

DragonVale-PERIDOT-Dragon August


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  2 Responses to “How to breed Peridot Dragon Gemstone”

  1. I have tried this way too many times and burned through a lot of gems.. any other combos than cactus and crystal.. this is my birth month so I really want to get it. :)

  2. How do you breed a amber.

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