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Have you heard many breeding combinations for breeding the Ruby Dragon in DragonVale? You’re not the only one. Players often get confused, lost, and well more confused when looking at so many adorable dragons in DragonVale. However, we here will let you know the best combination and most tested combination so you can successfully get the Ruby dragon in your DragonVale park!

We’re not going to give you untested and unproven combinations so be sure to use what is tested here to help you get the Ruby dragon for those born in the month of July. Oh wait, we didn’t tell you? Yes this ruby dragon was release specifically for those lucky individuals holding an Apple device like the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! This dragon was designed in remembrance of the birthstone to July, the Ruby birthstone. So if you don’t know what your birthstone is then now you do!

Breeding the Ruby Dragon in DragonVale can be hard or easy depending on how you see the situation. It is the beginning of July, there is an entire month left to breed this ruby dragon, what are the chances of you NOT getting it? Well if you are an casual player then you will most certainly get this ruby dragon, however if you login once in a week then KEEP UP WITH THE GAME! Sorry we didn’t mean to put that in cap (cap-lock).

To breed the ruby dragon in dragonvale you must use a chrome dragon on the left, and a scorch dragon on the right. That is scorch, not firefly. Don’t try other combinations unless you want to refresh your breeding procedure and you will most certainly get the ruby dragon for DragonVale. The breeding time for the ruby dragon is 31 hours or to be exact somewhere around 1:06:59 but you should look at the gem cost. Once you hatch the ruby dragon you can place the ruby dragon ONLY in the Gemstone Island! No other habitats will accept this beautiful dragon.

Good luck breeding and keep up-to-date with everything for your DragonVale app game!



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  63 Responses to “How to breed Ruby Dragon in DragonVale 100% Tested”

  1. Why fire work thats ALL i get its SO anoying. I have a tip i use to breed dragons! Ill tell you now.it only works for some dragons youll see why now:
    Ok so when you go to buy an egg. It shows you what habitats the dragon belongs in. For example:if you go to buy a dodo dragon the habitats it belongs in is earth or air. So you would breed the earth dragon and then air dragon and it will give you the dodo dragon!
    Plz write a comment!:)

  2. What's the combination for a ruby on? (I tried but got a gold dragon instead) the combination used: crome+scorch.

  3. Have tried on both breeding caves level 11 both chrome&scorch!!! Nothing!!!! All I get is fireworks dragon!!!!! Help it’s already the 15 th of July!

  4. Alright guys ignore my comment from earlier this actually works it took me at least 120+ attempts but I got it finally and it’s great to wait don’t try other combinations stick to this one. Also try to when your chrome and scorch have a scorch baby keep it and when they have a chrome baby keep it and level them bothe to 10 and breed them chrome(left) and scorch(right). Have fun!

  5. I LOVE dragonvale and there combinations dont work at all! I have 73,915,940 dollars and i wish (please dragonvale) i wish they could make some more dragons for money Please! An i havent jailbreaked my ipod because i dont know how to . I only have 2 gems even though i have the coloseum!:( so pleas dragonvale make some dragons for the deagonvale coins !!!!

  6. And when i siad those dollars i didnt mean real money i meant the dragonvale cash

  7. I neede about hundret times to try, today the 20.07. it finally worked with crome and scorch.


  9. I got a ruby dragon from breeding Chrome & Scorch. However this combination doesnt guarantee a Ruby dragon on the first try. In the process of trying to breed a ruby dragon I got Fireworks, Forge, Rainbow & Blazing. So keep trying until you get Ruby.

  10. My birthday is in July and I really love rubies and I really really want this ruby dragon been at it for awhile chrome and scorch and nothing yet and 0 gems I get 2-5 gems but I use them to speed up as much as I can. Please can some one help? :(

  11. I just got my ruby dragon. I made chrome and scorch both younger and it worked! Add me on gamecenter SuperKim07

  12. It took a few tries but I finally got my first gemstone dragon! :) Thx for the help :) And yes, Rilee Hinson, it does matter what level the dragon is bcuz the higher the level, the more gemstones you earn from the dragon.

  13. I've tryed all month so far, I can't get it!! Wtf!

  14. Ohkay so I have tried at least 100 times all mont of July everyday and haven't gotten one this is ridiculous

  15. Thanks a lot! Finally, I got it.

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