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The Lapis Dragon in DragonVale is the Gemstone Dragon for three month.  This Lapis Dragon features an amazing design that is similar to the Lapis gemstone it represents! You can breed for one of these dragons using a specific combination in the game.

”The controversial wizard Pablue Pickaxe is said to have studied nothing but the azure Lapis dragon for the longest period of his time as master of the Academy Despite the eccentric distortions his spells wove, his work was greatly admired and influences wizards to this day. Some say he was inspired by the images of this noble dragon found frequently in the ancient desert monuments Pickaxe made his home.” Lapis Dragon Game Description

 How to Breed Lapis Dragon

Level requirement: 11
Habitat: Gemstone Island
Incubation Time:
32 Hours
Buying Price: 150 Gems
Selling Price: 2,500,000 Gold

Breeding guide:

We have determined that to breed the Lapis Dragon is current breeding combination is the Sandstorm Dragon and the Thunder Dragon.

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Please understand that the breeding of in terms of selecting the dragons on which side does not matter and that the level of the dragon also does not matter. You must meet the minimum level requirement for breeding the dragon for a chance to get the dragon.

It is known to players that using the epic breeding island will increase your chances of getting the dragon and that the breeding cave will have a slightly lower odds of being able to breed more rare dragons.

Lapis Dragon earnings

Level 1  1 Gems/Month
Level 10  2 Gem/Month



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