Level 10+ Dragons


You get Level 10 + Dragons in DragonVale by completing the Shrine Quest to ascend them to the next level!

DragonVale | Ascended Dragons

DragonVale Dragons are known to stop leveling at level 10 but with this exclusive guide you will understand how to level them to level 15 and become one of the Ascended Dragons Below.

Firstly, you need to understand what are the Dragon Shrines of DragonVale! Yes there has been new additions in the market called Dragon Shrines. You can start getting them at about level 17 then you will get each element as per level. Below are the images of the Dragon Shrines in DragonVale.

DragonVale | Crown Dragons

Crown Dragons in DragonVale are one of the most holy dragons available. Not only are they hard to get but only a few with magical powers imbued from the wizard may get them.

To get these Crown Dragons in DragonVale you must first master the Ascended Dragons by raising them to level 15. After being able to raise them to level 15 your shrine will count every level 15 dragons you raised. Once you have completed the quest of raising 50 level 15 dragons you will be able to push your dragon above level 15 onto level 20 where you will get the Crown Dragon of that type.

Simply said, this is no easy task and not everyone can achieve them but if you want to know our secrets just keep following us and we will update you with a detailed and magical guide.


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  5 Responses to “Level 10+ Dragons”

  1. I’ve only been playing this game for about a week now. I have all my adult dagons to level ten. I cant get them past that though, however I’ve heard you can grown some up to twenty. Is this possible? How so, what do I need to do?

  2. Hi Mary,
    You have to purchase shrines of each kind first (plant shrine, fire shrine, cold etc.) in order to start accumulating dragons. Each shrine is bronze when you buy it from the market. It is used to count your dragons and show you the number of that kind dragons you have accumulated. Once you reach 50 dragons of one kind you will be able to feed them further until they reach level 15. Dragons past level 10 require a lot of food. It takes like 200,000 food units to bring a dragon from level 10 to level 15. Mixed dragons (for example, fire-plant) would count toward both shrines.
    You said you have been playing for about a week so I don’t suppose you are past level 10-14 of the game (correct me if I’m wrong). If so, you are unable to purchase shrines yet as they become available around level 17 and not all of them immediately.
    Hope I answered your question.

  3. how to breed sky dragon in dragon city please coment me

  4. how to breed sky dragon in dragon city please coment mehow to breed sky

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