Oct 072013

Something big is coming to DragonVale. Do you know what it is? it is magical and will be arriving in DragonVale players shortly as players look to guess what is this amazing new featured update will be when it is launched into the game. The new update that’s coming is expected to be an major update unlike general dragons just arriving into the game.

If you haven’t checked it out then it’s coming to a theater near you in DragonVale. Be sure to keep updated with DragonVale on the site for the latest news on what’s going to be released into the game that’ll just simply stun most players as the new update rolls along with major changes in the game.

As you can see in the picture there is a portal looking device that represents the magic for DragonVale and it’s developers. It appears its high in the sky with clouds or it can either be floating on an island but no clear information has been given yet. It looks though like a portal that will allow you to travel into another realm filled with other dragons or mystical creatures for players to collect in the game.

So be sure to follow this magical journey because it is coming into the game for all DragonVale players across Apple iOS and Android devices.




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  1. Has anyone seen this yet?

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