Paper Dragon

“The paper dragon was found on the anniversary of the wizards discovering the magic that makes DragonVale possible. The paper dragon isn’t actually made out of paper, but derives its name from its resemblance to paper dragons children make. Your guests are sure to do backflips with one of these in your park.” Description

 DragonVale Paper Dragon Anniversary

Level requirement: 9
Habitat:  Fire, Plant, Cold, Earth
Incubation Time:  12 hours
Buying Price: 1,250
Selling Price: 1.5M

 breeding guide

The Paper Dragon is a rare dragon and is only available for a limited time. It’s elements are currently known as Earth, Cold, Fire, and Plant which are represented by flags under its icon flag.

You can breed the Paper Dragon using a Poison Dragon and a Mountain Dragon

We’ve been asked which side you should breed and it is known to players that breeding the dragons on the left or right for your breeding cave or island does not matter. The level of your breeding dragon also is not taken into consideration.


You can rise and evolve your DragonVale dragons by feeding it with “Food” once it reaches level 4 it will evolve into it’s teenage form then when it reaches level 7 it will evolve into it’s adult form in DragonVale.

DragonVale: Paper Dragon Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 24 Level 10  154




  • dragonvale 24 hour breeding time
  • dragonvale 25 hour times
  • dragonvale 46 hours breeding time

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