Perch of Kairos


The Perch of Kairos is a habitat for Kairos the legendary dragon in DragonVale. Once you have obtained the Perch of Kairos. You need to use it to summon the Kairos and you do that by completing three stages in the habitat which will eventually allow you to unlock the dragon into your DragonVale park!

“The Perch of Kairos, crafted before the days of record keeping, is magically affixed to your second island. In order to summon Kairos to your park — and reap the benefit of his time-bending power — you will need to find and assemble three ancient artifacts: The Chronolith, the Time Claw and the Statue of Kairos.” Description

 Perch of Kairos


How to get Kairos

To get Kairos you need to purchase the Perch of Kairos, once you do you  get into the habitat by Tapping “Enter” after you have purchase the Perch of Kairos habitat then  you’ll see a number of fragments.

Tap and you can either Race or purchase the fragment with gems. Once you have done that for all three stages you will be able to unlock Kairos into your DragonVale park!

Keep in mind that you can only have one of these habitats.

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