Rain Dragon


The Rain Dragon in DragonVale was just released and get ready to breed this amazing new dragon for your DragonVale park!

“It took the wizards a long time to understand and categorize the Rain dragon because of its amazing ability to change with the seasons. Although this particular variety seems to follow the patterns of the Northern hemisphere, there are rumours of a cousin on the opposite schedule.” Game Description

DragonVale Rain Dragon Baby App

Level requirement:   14
Habitat:  Water Habitat, Air
Incubation Time:   8 Hours
Buying Price:  1,000
Selling Price: 1000000


DragonVale: Rain Dragon breeding guide:

The breeding combination for breeding the Rain Dragon is Air Dragon and Water Dragon in your breeding island which gives you the best results. While other breeding combinations are good this is the known best combination in the world of DragonVale. Remember to join DragonValeapp.com on helping you breeding more cool dragons.

DragonVale: Rain Dragon earnings

Level 1  8
Level 2  13
Level 3  18
Level 4  22
Level 5  27
Level 6  32
Level 5  37
Level 8  42
Level 9  47
Level 10  51




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  1. I have 2 rain dragons with : blazing and fog , with that you can have equinox or rain bow and i get equinox too. Pls add me to gamecenter than i will send you gems: mattpop

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