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Rose Dragon is upon us! We need to band together and breed one of these amazing Rose Dragon for DragonVale!

“The Rose dragon was first discovered when one visited the reknowned wizard Harry’s house. They immediately saw eye to eye. Harry labored over a spell that would allow them to thrive in Olympus habitats. Fun fact: Harry spends most of his efforts in creating a spell that will pause time.”

 DragonVale Rose Dragon Official

Buying Price: 1400 Gems
Selling Price: 125,000 Coin
Level requirement: 14
Habitat: Fire/Plant/Air
Incubation Time: 14 Hours

Rose Dragon breeding guide

The Rose Dragon is a three element dragon that can be bred with a specific combination that has the element the dragon is made out of. By having these elements you will have a chance at getting this dragon.

To breed this dragon, you need to use any combination with the elements of Fire + Plant + Air.. The breeding time is 14 hours.

Plant Dragon + Blazing Dragon

After you get this breeding time you need to wait until your dragon completes its breeding then obtain its egg. Once you’ve obtained his egg you have to wait another 33 hours for the egg to hatch and you can place the egg into any Olympus habitat.

Rose Dragon Chart

Level 1  14
Level 2  22
Level 3  31
Level 4  39
Level 5  48
Level 6  56
Level 7  65
Level 8  73
Level 9  82
Level 10  90


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