Sakura Dragon


“Sakura dragons, also sometimes called Cherry Blossom dragons, appear in the springtime when they bask in the beauty of spring’s new growth. Villages where Sakura dragons visit will hold celebrations and picnics beneath these docile dragons’ flowered wings in honor of the season. ”

DragonVale -Sakura Dragon
The Sakura Dragon in DragonVale is to celebrate the month of the cherry blossom season. If you haven’t heard about the cherry blossom then let us tell you what it represents. A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is sometimes called “sakura” after the Japanese.

This Sakura Dragon is in the celebration of that cherry blossom season and is surely a dragon you wouldn’t want to miss. This tri-element hybrid is made out of Plant, Earth and Fire, meaning the Sakura Dragon can be placed onto any Plant, Earth or fire Habitat. The interesting thing about the Sakura Dragon is that she looks very similar to the tree dragon which also bloom flowers from his body except green. You will find that these are such a great matching pair in your DragonVale island that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Sakura Dragon!

The Sakura Dragon can be purchased in the DragonVale market for 300 gems and sold for 500,000 coins. If you are a DragonVale breeder then you can also breed one using the combination in this video. Remember that the Sakura Dragon shares the same breeding time as the Lava Dragons so you won’t know if it is a Sakura Dragon until you have the Sakura Dragon egg. To breed or obtain the Sakura Dragon you must be at least level 7 so if you are not continue leveling until you have obtained the Sakura Dragon. All the best to getting or breeding the Sakura Dragon!

Level requirement: 7
Habitat:  Earth, Fire, Plant

Incubation Time: 10 Hours
Boost Negative:
Buying Price: 300
Selling Price: 500,000


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