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The Summer Dragon in DragonVale is the Seasonal Dragon for the month of June and any summer months.  This Summer Dragon features an amazing design that is similar to the Summer Seasonal it represents. This Dragon is available for a limited time for Summer day!

“While researching seasonal magic in the far off Forests of Farn, the wizard Shamash discovered the summer dragon one evening by tripping over it. Thankfully, the dragon didn’t mind or even bother to wake up. Since then, summer dragons have been famed as the hardest sleeping dragons, probably because they are some of the most active dragons during the day!” Summer Dragon Game Description

 Summer Dragon

Level requirement: 11
Habitat: Seasonal Island
Incubation Time:  24 Hours
Buying Price:  1500 Gems
Selling Price: 1,500,000 Gold

Breeding guide:

We have determined that to breed the Summer Dragon is current breeding combination is the Firefly or Scorch Dragon and the Water Dragon.

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Please understand that the breeding of in terms of selecting the dragons on which side does not matter and that the level of the dragon also does not matter. You must meet the minimum level requirement for breeding the dragon for a chance to get the dragon.

It is known to players that using the epic breeding island will increase your chances of getting the dragon and that the breeding cave will have a slightly lower odds of being able to breed more rare dragons.

Summer Dragon earnings

Level 1  50
Level 2  80
Level 3  111
Level 4  143
Level 5  171
Level 6  200
Level 7  231
Level 8  261
Level 9  300
Level 10  333



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